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The Newspaper Aid Package is designed for CNHI from the get-go. It is the ultimate publisher/advertiser companion. It is a bundle of the most needed services that will save hundreds and generate thousands. From the ad creation to the platform support, the package provides a peace of mind, that there is always a specialist at your disposal.

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The ads – From the static and beautifully flash-animated, to the video (commercial):

Using the simple NewspaperAid ad request form, reps can easily request ads. With the service they can order any type of ad in any desired size (static, animated, mobile, LMS, video). When necessary reps can always refer to our special ADS GUIDE and the tips and tricks section of NewspaperAid. When ready, they receive an email with a step-by-step instructions and a proof link. One more thing – when the time comes, each ad can be updated for FREE.

The splash pages – simple, elegant, professional:

Using the Splash Request form, reps can easily order page production. The end result is an elegant, yet rich web page that represents the client’s interests.

ZOPE and SOVA support:

ZOPE – the Newspaper Aid package offers total content and design infrastructure support. Just contact us with your request.

SOVA – troubleshooting and managing ads is at the core of the Newspaper Aid package.

Server space & file management:

Everything outside ZOPE and SOVA will be covered by the server space and support that we provide. From special sections to spec ads and promo files, you will have all the space necessary for your needs. All the content on the server can be integrated with the newspaper template to give the reader a seamless experience.

As simple as sending an email

In order to keep track of all incoming ads and splash-pages requests we have the requests forms. For everything else, just send an email.

Implementation periods

In most cases all incoming requests are addressed immediately. Depending on the density of the orders, the turnover time can take up to 48 hours. All requests are addressed in the order they are received.


You can follow our website and find tips and tricks that will improve your online performance. There, you will also find common questions and answers that will improve your overall productivity.

Phone & Skype support

Do not hesitate to skype or call with questions. We are here to help you 8am-5pm EST. Ask us any question, anytime, anywhere!

Who uses NewspaperAid’s services:

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